Schedule Your Own Art Party!

It’s your party, you choose the surface! You can paint on canvas, paper, ball caps, lamp shades, drink coasters, scarves, ties or pillow cases!  I require a minimum of 6 people. Since it’s your party, you can bring snacks, wine, beer, flask, etc.

I promise you four things:

  1. Nobody has to draw a straight line
  2. No two paintings will look alike, no matter what surface you choose
  3. Pencils will ONLY be used to write your name on the wood section on the back of the canvas so we know it’s yours
  4. No paint brushes will be used or destroyed in any of my art classes (Save the paint brushes! Haha!)

I will walk you through the steps to an amazing and unique piece of art. Choose from the options below, then contact me to arrange a date and time.



Canvas Art
$39.99 per person

Dirty pour – is just as dirty as it sounds (and loads of fun!) Also known as the Straight Pour.

The Kaleidoscope Pour

Moon Walk – It doesn’t have to look like a moon, but it can if you want it to! Use any colors!

Ring pour

Cloud Pour

Swipe of Air

GeodesPlease add $5 for extra materials – includes glass and other materials to give your painting a true geode appearance.

Water Marbling/Ebru/Paint Swirling

Some things can be combined in the same class as long as we know and can be prepared in advance.  For these classes, it’s about the trays. Here are a few ideas, you can mix and match within a given option (ex: scarves and ball caps, or ties and caps or tapestries and pillows):

Option 1: Silk scarves, silk ties, ball caps and/or lamp shades
Option 2: Scrap Packs and Drink Coasters
Option 3: Large lamp shades, tapestries and pillows

Scrap Pack – $39.99/person – great for scrapbookers and people who enjoy paper crafts, hand made gift tags and cards. Pick your own colors, do your own designs!

Scarves – $39.99/person

Silk Neck ties (with hankies & cuff links) $39.99/person

Hats/caps – $39.99/person or 2 caps for $60/per person

Set of 4 Drink Coasters – $25/person

Lamp Shades – $45+ per regular shade (does not include lamp base). Larger shades available upon request.

Decorative Pillow Cases (pillows included) – $39.99/1 pillow, $75/set of 2 pillows

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